Terms and Conditions

The Client agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Any amendments to the following must be mutually agreed.

Only1.ie agrees that all of the business affairs and information of the Client are to be kept confidential except where necessary for the execution of their services for the Client.

Only1.ie will host the business directory listing for the Client.

Only1.ie is not responsible for search engines crawling and ranking business directory listings which are hosted by Only1.ie

All intellectual property rights in materials provided by the Client for its listings remains the Client’s property. Subject to this, all intellectual property rights in software, design work or any other materials provided to the Client pursuant to this agreement remain the property of Only1.ie.

The Client is responsible for ensuring that all material supplied to Only1.ie during the directory listing is either copyright free or that the Client has the permission of the respective copyright owners to use the materials.

The Client will provide Only1.ie within a reasonable timeframe either at the beginning of the business supplier listing or before a listing commences all information and assistance reasonably required for the completion of any agreed tasks, including overall business objectives and services/goods offered. This is to include but is not limited to pictures, content information, photographs, timescales and required functionality, plus any relevant legal requirements, logos, artwork, product and service information.

During the compiling of a business directory listing Only1.ie may create some artwork as part of a Clients unique design which may be used by the Client for other purposes in their branding.

The Client is responsible for sending any information to Only1.ie

Service provided included the following

1) Be the Only1 listed for your service in the area you are based
2) We include a direct link to your website with your ad, thus improving your webpage ranking.
3) 600 word description with full SEO applied, of your services
4) Displaying your information 24/7 

SEO factors applied to your listings ..

– Keyword in Title
– Keyword in Permalink
– Keyword in first paragraph
– Keyword in Image Alt tag
– Tweaked Keyword in H2 or H3
– Bold Important Keywords and related keywords
– Italics 1-2 important Keywords
– Outbound Link to relevant high-quality sites
– Internal links to related articles
– Remove all stop words from Permalink
– Add multi-media (Video, Slides, Inforgraphic)
– Longer the content length, better it is. Minimum: 600 words
– Optimize image before uploading (Compress and resize)
– Page loading time
– Use LSI Keywords (Use Google search to find related Keywords)

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