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Advertise your company here! There is only 1 space available and your competitor is probably looking at this space at the same time you are,
Are you a business owner, Do you want you’re customers to find you easily online, Well here at Only1 we have a unique way to advertise and grow your business online visibility
In order to succeed, your business needs great marketing and lots of online exposure so that your business can stand out from the rest and be found easily online by your potential customers. If your not online your offline.
The below should be removed and have the list from mail chimp or similar.
Reap the Benifits….
  • Sorry-No-Listing-At-the-MomenAdvertise on Ireland’s number 1 online directory website.
  • Get-aheadGet ahead of your competitors
  • Be-the-Only1-listedBe the Only1 listed for your service in the area you are based
  • We-includeWe include a direct link to your website with your ad, thus
    improving your webpage ranking.
  • 600600 word description of your services
  • T-VDisplaying your information 24/7
  • Get-aheadLong term listing fees can be arranged


(Plan A)

A free Word press website 
You pay for the hosting and we design & give you a stunning website 100% free.




More than 20 social media links included with your business listing. 
So now you & your customers can easily share your business at the push of a button.




Google Map added to your listing. 





Your Phone – Email – Website – Business address are hyperlinked on all devices. 
This means customers can contact you without leaving the site. 




We add your videos to your business listing. 
(This is one of the best ways to increase ranking and exposure for your business).




We include a direct link to your website with your advert, improving your webpage ranking.




We add your business listing to Golden pages. 
(Generating more visibility and ranking for your business)




We add your business listing to Yelp. 
(Generating more visibility and ranking for your business)




100GB of free storage for images-videos.
(Gives you plenty of storage space for all of your photos & videos etc)




We apply the SEO factors outlined below to your listing… 

(Generating more visibility and ranking for your business).
  • Keyword in Title
  • Keyword in Permalink
  • Keyword in the first paragraph
  • Keyword in Image Alt tag
  • Tweaked Keyword in H2 or H3
  • Bold Important Keywords and related keywords
  • Italics 1-2 important Keywords
  • Outbound Link to relevant high-quality sites
  • Internal links to related articles
  • Remove all stop words from Permalink
  • Add multi-media (Video, Slides, Infographic)
  • Longer the content length, better it is. Minimum: 600 words
  • Optimize image before uploading (Compress and resize)
  • Page loading time
  • Use LSI Keywords (Use Google search to find related Keywords


You get all of the above 
for a once off payment of




But wait, there’s more 

We also provide localized home page banner adverts. 
So you are visible to everyone on our home page all year 
These are premium limited advert space
(We can only fit so many on the home page) 
€499 for 1 year
€299 if booked with a 1 year business listing
Package deal for everything 




How we promote online visibility & your Business.


1.       Good content;
2.       Mobile-friendly;
3.       Speed and security.
We are caring about your visibility – we are working with cutting edge technologies, software tools and solutions to provide maximum compliant to search engine results for you. 
Cutting edge technologies assures maximum speed and security of our platform:
1.       Newest generation processors and operating system;
2.       Newest SSD NVMe disk technology;
3.       1 Gbit internet connection;
4.       SSL certificate;
5.       WordPress optimized, Failover and Firewall servers.
Software tools and solutions, which helps to reach maximum visibility in search engines:
1.       Google WebMaster tools integration and compliance with recommendations;
2.       Google PageSpeed Insights periodic tests and compliance with recommendations;
3.       WordPress CMS – most popular and loved by Google;
4.       SEO Yoast plugin integration and compliance with recommendations.
5.Content (text and images) optimization by recommendation.
 SEO is never-ending process and we are working on it – checking, updating, experimenting and giving the highest results possible.




How we will Advertise only1 to further promote your business.


1.  We will link up with radio stations and run promotions
2.  Advertising Our & Your’e business across all social media Platforms
3.  linking with other search engines
4.  Extensive SEO works 
5.  Showcasing our customer’s videos on youtube channel 
6.  Linking with SME business networks 
7.  Local business Blogs 
8.  customer reviews
9.  Running constant contests & promotions
10.  Linking with Press 
11.  linking your website with 
12.  Linking with similar business websites.


How to simply book your competitors space on 
Step 1 
Pick A,B or C plan 
A – Business listing. 
B – Home page banner advert.
C – Business listing + Banner advert.
(Please insert your choice in the description box when booking your business listing)


Step 2 
Go to 
Pick your county & category and click the add your business tab at the bottom of the page & here you can book & provide all best information for your business listing. 
(NB, if your category is not yet listed we will create it next day just for you)


Step 3 
Click on the Getspace link and register for your 100GB of storage space to upload your pictures and videos. 
Simply call us on +353896051156 
Email us at 

And a member of our team will be in touch same day to finalise the details of your new business listing on 

We do all the design work and create your advert so there is no disrubtion to your busy day at work, Creation is usually the same day but sometimes 2 days, we will then send to you for approval and sign off. 
(Don’t worry If you need any changes that’s no problem, Let’s get it right). 


It’s that simple! 


Many hands make light work !


Your’e add is shared on our social networks, but that shouldn’t be all – be active, share your business listing with the social tabs in your advert, let people know you are here and you will be found. Also, content does really matter – So send us your’e best pics / videos / script about your business and services. 


This is your’e opportunity to showcase your business as you would like your customers to perceive you,  


Theres no catch, well actually there is just one very small catch.  
Only 1 business per county per business category can be listed So you can own the market. 

So please don’t delay 

book your competitors space today ! 

(We operate on a first come, First serve basis). 

This is a promotional offer for the first

 500 customers to book with  


A- 1 year business listing with all the above bells & whistles €299 
B- 1 year Home page banner add €499  
C- 1 year business listing + 1 year home page banner €598 (When booked together)





If you operate nationwide and would like to advertise in more than one county please contact us to discuss a bespoke plan which we will be more than happy to do for you. 

Please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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