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I believe I am always divinely guided, I believe I will always take the correct turn in the road, I believe God will make a way where there is no way.


 All healing comes from divine love.

Aura – Soma is a self-selective colour therapy. You are the colours that you choose. The hundred and eleven bottles of the aura soma family can help to reveal you gifts and challenges. Support you on a voyage of self-discovery.


Reiki Healing, offers a hands on healing. Divinely guided to help release the energy blocks in the body. Reiki helps to create a feeling of wellbeing self-acceptance ultimately leading to self-love all who come to work with us will find a place of love, Compassion and non- judgement!

Spiritual Counselling looks at your personal relationship with spirit. In an exploratory way can enable you to explore your true self. The relationship between our behaviours and our beliefs and the way we treat others cannot be denied and so we look at behaviour patterns like dependency issues, inner child conditioning, anger and assertiveness, confidence issues.

Spiritual mediumship happens on the healing journey. As part of healing loss, grief and disconnection, it is in the gift of spirit and can bring peace to a troubled soul.

Workshops were created to both, help develop and challenge those who attend.

Spiritual weekends offer time out for refection, to get in touch with our true self.

Crystal and reiki training are about releasing our intuitive and healing gifts.

Angel card reading and guidance
Mary is now available to do angel readings for people in:
  • Listowel
  • Tralee
  • Kerry
  • Clare
  • Dublin.
  • Galway
  • Longford
Let the angels lend you support and comfort during difficult times.

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  • Healing
  • Angel card Readings
  • Spiritual Mediumship
Mary will come under invitation to house parties in Counties Limerick, West Cork, Clare, Dublin and Galway.
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