About Us

We are LICENSED, FULLY INSURED & SPECIALISED to provide Sewer, Drain Cleaning and Septic Tank Cleaning services in all areas. We specialise in residential, commercial and industrial servicing for: main sewers, toilets, drains, as well as flooded basements. We use the latest equipment of High Pressure Water Jetting that removes all debris and cleans the entire pipeline.


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Years of Experience

We have been providing a friendly, fast and reliable sewer and pipe cleaning services for over 15 years. We provide 24 hour emergency service you have regarding sewers and drains cleaning. Our friendly, reliable employees and maintenance crew are certified and well trained to perform cleaning and maintenance of all types of drains and sewer systems. We own and maintain our own fleet of reliable service vehicles and stock all parts and tools to complete the job well done.


Why choose drain away?

  • Fast Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Over 15 years’ experience
  • Friendly Staff
  • Fully Trained & Qualified
  • Member of Irish Drain Contractor

About Us

Clear Drain is a professional drainage company that offers a friendly and reliable service to all our customers. We provide a complete and comprehensive range of drainage services to commercial and domestic properties at an affordable price.

Septic Tanks

Many homeowners don't know their septic tank. The tank is buried and forgotten, along with the rest of the system, until sewage is ankle deep in the basement or bubbles up in the yard. Then, the septic tank system is unfairly criticized for failing to do its job. How many people would buy an expensive car and never change the oil? Similarly, regular maintenance of your septic system, by emptying and jetting, is necessary to ensure it's proper operation.
Remember that the septic tank is a settling tank which collects and stores sewage solids. When the storage gets full, the tank must be cleaned and pumped. Typically, the average household should consider having their tank pumped every 2 to 5 years, to ensure proper operation!

Drain Jetting

The dreaded occurrence of your septic tank becoming blocked, when it is not full, can be a nightmare, but here at Clear Drain we can fix it for you in a matter of minutes, we use water jets to seperate and unclog blockages, thus solving the problem and letting everything get back to normal! We offer this service for septic tanks, as well as drainage pipes.