Indigo Moon Holistic Therapies, based in Bunclody, Co Wexford offers holistic treatments as well as running workshops and meditation groups.

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Customer Reviews

Had the most amazing Rahanni treatment today at Indigo moon healing centre . Thank you so much Carol I can't belief how much relief from the pain I got in my neck . Thank you so much . 

I will never forget the IET Angel energy treatment I enjoyed in Indigo Moon Holistic Therapy . Carol you were amazing and with your guidance I learnt a lot about healing the tissues. You have a gentle old soul and are connected to Angelic power. It was a great help to me going forward. Thank you so much.
Helga Mullen

Thanks to carol who is an amazing healing practitioner,I had a really fabulous I.E.T Treatment today.your healing centre is gorgeous,very calming with a really positive energy.thanks so much carol,I'll be down again soon
Pamela Blanche


Contact Details

Contact: Carol Mulqueeney Byrne
FB : https://www.facebook.com/indigomoonholistic358therapies/
Tel: 087 1146423
Email: carolbyrne358@gmail.com


Broken Arrow Healing is a Shamanic, Energy Healing centre.

We are  located in Lissycasey Co Clare Ireland.Shamanism incorporates the healing of all types of disease, be they of a Spiritual,Emotional,Mental or Physical nature.

Soul Loss


Animals and people experience soul loss in many ways. Each individual spirit has its own definition of ‘trauma’, but some of the common causes are near-death experiences, extreme illness or injury, surgery, loss of a loved one, war time stress, or any kind of abuse. As a survival mechanism, parts of the soul may leave during the event, helping the psyche cope with the experience. Some of the symptoms that may reflect this are extreme anxiety, chronic depression or fear, chronic illness, dissociation, aggression or just the feeling that one is scattered or ‘not playing with a full deck’. A person might say, “I’ve never been the same since…


Soul Retrieval




Acting on the concept that you can’t heal what isn’t there, the shaman journeys to find and bring back those soul parts that are needed to make the person or animal ‘whole’ again. Thus we no longer need to look externally to fill those empty spaces inside ourselves.

Soul Remembering



Often, the problem is more that we don’t know what we are supposed to be doing in this lifetime. We have forgotten our purpose or life-mission and feel a need or intense desire to be doing something—we just don’t know what. The healing procedure is very similar to the soul retrieval, except that the shaman journeys to divine the person’s true essence or spirit and brings back a symbol that the person can use to focus purpose, intentions and actions.

Power Animal Retrieval



One cause of illness is personal power loss. Each of us has a power animal or guardian spirit that protects us and assists us with gifts, talents and strengths. Power animals will assist us with our life’s lessons but they may leave us for various reasons causing a loss of personal power. Typical symptoms of power loss may be chronic depression, chronic illness, addiction or chronic misfortune. The shaman journeys to look for a guardian spirit who is willing to come and give power to this person again restoring balance and harmony.

Shamanic Counseling

Traditionally, the shaman has worked in cooperation with the spirits on behalf of the client. Shamanic counseling is a method that restores spiritual power and autonomy to the individual through direct access to the wisdom of their own helping, compassionate spirits. Clients are trained to journey to get answers to personal questions and help with problems in their daily lives. Shamanic counseling is a system of personal empowerment. The shamanic practitioner acts as a facilitator, working one-to-one, to help clients establish their own relationships with their spirit guides. The counselor-facilitator’s constant responsibility is to help clients acquire their own divination journeying skills and interpretations. This method can be remarkably effective in helping people assume and employ their own personal power in solving problems and answering important questions in their lives.


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