Below are the main points, but we will need to discuss and add more, so please take a look and share your thoughts.
I still have more details to add but you can understand the idea of it, we are basically combining our ecommerce website + business listing + home page banner + a few extra features to create a start your own business for clients.



Many people would like to have an online business either as their main income / additional income or hobby etc and they would also like more freedom in their lives, most people will be unsure / afraid / or simply just don’t know how to do everything and so they are also afraid of the costs involved and the time it takes to do everything.


Additional Services

We are providing a fully set up business, we are not responsible for how the business is run by the client, we pass it over to the client upon completion. And our job is done, however if the client needs help or additional services, we will be more than happy to assist with our additional services.

This package will provide the customer with a fully setup e-commerce business ready to start selling immediately. The customer pays 50% up front when placing the order and the balance when complete,


  • e-commerce website. 
  • Business listing + Home page banner on only 1.
  • 100 products added from category of your niche(these are picked from the drop ship companies and are easily added by API ETC a good example is 
  • 15 social media accounts set up and linked to site.
  • 5 drop ship companies accounts setup & added to your site. (We only add sites that are free to add and have easy set up) the client can add as many paid drop ship sites  as they like at there .
  • Account set up to free stock images sites.
  • Bulk mail set up & linked to site (Mailchimp) or similar.
  • Support / advice on how best to get started selling.
  • Lucid invoice payment system added + other basics like paypal etc.
  • Fulfilment centre set up, if needed to hold stock in IRELAND, returns, deliveries.

We can vary the initial set up price for additional features.

  • 500 products added.
  • 1000 products added.
  • 10 drop ship companies added to site.
  • Any other additional features to be added at the start per clients request ( we should have a list of additional features with prices for the client to choose from). 

We can also charge for additional services. 

  • Social media Managagement.
  • Google adds.
  • Design.
  • SEO.
  • Website management.
  • Integrations.

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